Classes and Workshops

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation Classes

Breathing – Relaxation – Active Birth – Yoga and Movement – Hypnobirthing – Community Information

I offer weekly classes, from 16 weeks to birth, for first-time and subsequent pregnancies.  The classes will offer you the time to celebrate your pregnancy, relax with your baby, ask questions and meet other mums-to-be in a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental environment.

We will cover yoga-based exercises for pregnancy and birth and practice active birth postures.  We will learn to cultivate active relaxation through breathing, hypnobirthing techniques and simple meditation techniques, which will support you in birthing and beyond.

We will also develop awareness and understanding of the normal physiology of labour and how you can best support this with plenty of time for questions and discussion around specific things that are concerning you.

Cost:  £11 per session
Time: Tuesday Evenings, 7.30 – 9.15pm
Venue: Horfield Leisure Centre
Booking essential! Contact me on 07843 377 718

Couples Workshops

Birth preparation workshops are designed for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester and their partners (spouse, partner, close friend, relative or doula).  These informative sessions will cover the physiology of birth with an emphasis on the role of partners in supporting this process.

We will cover:

  • The stages of labour, hormones involved and what happens during these stages;
  • Helpful positions for labour and the principles of Active Birth;
  • The mind/body connection and preparing psychologically for birth;
  • How your birth partner can best support you in labour;
  • Natural forms of pain relief, breathing, relaxation and massage;
  • Addressing fears and anxieties around birth; and
  • Tips for thriving in the postnatal period.

Booking Essential…contact me on 07843 377 718

Private Sessions

A 2.5-hour session designed for couples who would like to have an individual session to help them to prepare for the birth.  These will take place either your home or mine.  It will include help with writing your birth plan, discussing any concerns/fears around birth or early parenting, positions for labour and birth and information on the physiology of labour.  We will also emphasise the role of the partner during the birth, and breathing and massage techniques.

These sessions can also be helpful for couples who are thinking about hiring a doula (birth companion) but are not yet sure.

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