Creating Menstrual Health

Dear all,

I attended an amazing workshop today run by Alexandra Pope on menstrual health.  As someone who has charted her cycle from the physical point of view (i.e. noting when I ovulate and when I bleed), this was a great insight into the potential emotional literacy to be gained with being aware of my cycle.  It’s about acknowledging that we are different at every stage of our cycle.  That there are vulnerable moments in each phase, but also powers to be harnessed.

Many of us are aware that pre-menstrually we might be emotionally expressive, cranky, edgy, etc.  What’s that about?  What’s really going on for us as women at this time?  And are we equally aware of the qualities or feelings that dominate our experience or way of being in the other phases of our cycle (the run up to ovulation, the time around ovulation, and indeed the time when we are bleeding)?

Alexandra argues (and I agree) that this is basic knowledge that should be a part of every woman’s education.  It’s about valuing who we are as women, it’s creative, it’s about our health, it’s about our innate wisdom as women.

As a childbirth educator and doula, I was particularly inspired by some of the connections I was drawing out around the phases of labour and birth, and indeed the whole of the pregnancy journey, but that’s stuff for later as I take the time to think about and process it.

I highly recommend any woman to attend a workshop with Alexandra.  Truly amazing and inspiring stuff!  I’m very much looking forward to beginning to chart my own cycle in a way that also encompasses the creative/emotional/spiritual elements and beginning to understand how that influences my life, and also that I may get in touch with this deeper and richer way of being in the world.

Ly x

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