One World Birth

Hi all,

I sat in on a webinar (online seminar) to find out more about the One World Birth project.  This is a really interesting project and I would definitely encourage you to keep in touch with them through their website to find out when it all goes live.  They are a really fantastic and enthusiastic team full of passion for what they are doing.

Basically, their idea is to create an online documentary that continues to expand as the world of birth grows and changes.  They have been (and will be) filming around the world, trying to include as many voices as possible to add to the richness and diversity of what we know about, and how we “do” birth on a world wide basis.

There are two clips on the site that you can watch to get more information.  One is a trailer for the documentary, and the other is more information on how the whole thing works.

Check it out, I think it’s exciting stuff and a really creative idea!

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